Someone Just Hacked My IG

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! With the May 20th release date of my album, “Lost in the Process”, seemingly approaching at a quicker rate everyday, these last few days have caused a lot of stress. MY IG WAS HACKED!! I know, I can’t believe it either.

It was an interesting experience for me, and I think it will eventually be seen as a good thing lol, because the night I got hacked, I changed all of my passwords, and enabled 2-factor authentication on all platforms. This is a note to you, right now, be pro-active and put extra securities on the things that matter most to you, because bad things don’t seem like they’ll happen until they do.

Anyways, I believe there’s a silver lining. This is solely an opportunity for my new IG to grow, and I look forward to sharing newer and more engaging content with all of you who have supported me and my art. Stay tuned, and follow my new instagram account @damanimusic

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