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My Early Poetry

At the age of 9, I began writing poetry on topics assigned at school. This was when I first felt a connection with the poetic elements of writing. The past few years, I have written several poems and have naturally started to translate my skills towards writing lyrics for my songs. Here are a few of my favorite poems from the archives:

Blue (Age 9)

Blue is the color of waves scampering out to sea

Slowly and smoothly as far as the eye can see

Silently they creep until there are no more

Unlike the entrance of the great and mighty Thor


The color of elephants as they stomp in the dust

Bathing themselves though not a bath to us

Revealing their true colors to the amazing world

Their trunks in the air being whirled and twirled


The color of school folders binders and pens

And scorned kids locked up in the dens

As the school day comes to a close

Us kids long for what’s right in front of our nose


Blue is the color of the sky on a scorching summer day

Birds chirping and coming out to play

But as the days end comes to a near

The skies color begins to smear

Into the pitch black night that all the creatures fear


Blue is a safe that can’t be locked

Only at night when the sky pops off

Splash!! The water goes

The ring ripples run through your toes


My parents didn’t believe I wrote this poem in school, so they reached out to my teacher who was also surprised. I ended up writing the one below about the color red…


Red (Age 10)

Red touching air runs through our veins

Flows to our hearts and then to our brains

Red is the color you might see in nightmares

The color that most people cannot bare


Red is the color of burning despair

The color that makes you go do your prayers

Red is the color you will see everywhere

Blowing around in the intoxicated air


Red is the color of a lovely sunset

The color that makes your eyes go wet

Red is the color you see on your cheeks

The color that anger will always seek


Red is the color on a stoplight

The color that will tell you “goodnight”

Red is the color witnessed at the end

The color that god will constantly send…



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