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At the age of 9, I began writing poetry on topics assigned at school. This was when I first felt a connection with the poetic elements of writing. The past few years, I have written several poems and have naturally started to translate my skills towards writing lyrics for my songs. Here are a few of my favorite poems from the archives:

I Believe

I believe in science and math

I believe in shiva and krishna

I believe in diwali and holy

I believe that we all have a good and bad side.

No matter who or what we all believe in,

I believe in the words of god.

I believe in positive and negative,

I believe in the yin and yang forces,

I believe in Hindus and Muslims coming together.

I believe in peacefulness and a free world.

I believe in the color of my skin and that it shouldn’t be

seen any differently than any other individual.

I believe in my sister’s athleticism and passion.

I believe in my family taking our own unique path.

I believe in family, friends, basketball, and music.

I believe in 3-balls and floaters, slurs and ties,

MJ and LeBron, Behtooven and Mozart…

“mujhe vishvaas nahin hai ki log kya sochenge”

(I don’t care about the negative things people think of me)

I believe that all my life will be proving people wrong,

And that my greater purpose is to change the world.

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.


Red touching air runs through our veins

Flows to our hearts and then to our brains

Red is the color you might see in nightmares

The color that most people cannot bare

Red is the color of burning despair

The color that makes you go do your prayers

Red is the color you will see everywhere

Blowing around in the intoxicated air

Red is the color of a lovely sunset

The color that makes your eyes go wet

Red is the color you see on your cheeks

The color that anger will always seek

Red is the color on a stoplight

The color that will tell you “goodnight”

Red is the color witnessed at the end

The color that god will constantly send…

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