Lost in the Process

Lost in the Process

Last weekend, I dropped my album, “Lost in the Process”. I provided a little background on the album a few months back, but in case you haven’t read my previous blogs, I’m going to recap…

Last year this time, I removed all of my music from streaming platforms in search of a more mature sound. I knew I had the potential to put together catchy tracks, but I didn’t realize where I was deficient until I found a mentor in a songwriter who taught me what’s known in the music industry as “The Pop Format”. We met every week for months, and together, we meticulously studied dozens of #1 billboard hit songs from the last 50 years. I started to see trends in the chord progressions, lyrical structures, and production quality of all the tracks. The formal name for these trends is “The Pop Format”, and most hit songs are produced using this model.

After that experience, I knew the engineering and sound quality of my music needed to improve, so I curated a team of people that could help take my tracks to the next level.

A few months later, I began producing my album, “Lost in the Process”, consisting of five tracks produced, written, and performed by me.The album begins with “Still Here”, introducing the theme of persevering through adversity followed by the 3rd and 5th tracks, “All Alone” & “Never Alone” which speak towards the sacrifices necessary to achieve success. My previously released singles, “Didn’t Know Why” & “In The End” are also on the album, and feature mainstream artists whose Spotify discographies have garnered over 100 million streams.

Make sure to check out my instagram to see the digital art I put together for this release. I hope you enjoy the album!

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