In The End Cover Art

“In The End” – The Grand Debut

It’s been a while since I blogged, but I recently thought to myself, now’s the perfect time. With the release of my newest single¬†“In The End” featuring Abstract¬†– a hip-hop artist who has accumulated over 100 million streams on Spotify – I want to bring you all in on how I got to this point.

Last year this time, I removed all of my music from streaming platforms in search of a more mature sound. I knew I had the potential to put together catchy tracks, but I didn’t realize where I was deficient until I found a mentor in a songwriter who taught me what’s known in the music industry as “The Pop Format”. We met every week for months, and together, we meticulously studied dozens of #1 billboard hit songs from the last 50 years. I started to see trends in the chord progressions, lyrical structures, and production quality of all the tracks. The formal name for these trends is “The Pop Format”, and most hit songs are produced using this model. So, during the production process of my next single, I attempted to follow “The Pop Format” as best as I could.

With that, I knew that the engineering and sound quality of my music also needed to improve, so I found a team of people that believed they could help take my tracks to the next level.

A few months later, I began producing my EP, “Lost in the Process” coming May 2022, which speaks towards the importance of preserving and being tenacious in tough times. “In The End” is the first single on my EP, and I believe “Lost in the Process” is a huge milestone in my career regardless of how well my audiences receives the message. This last year was a difficult time for me, and in an era where anybody can distribute their music on streaming platforms, all I wanted was to separate myself from those my age who don’t take their music seriously. I know respect comes with time, but I believe all of the deep thinking and collaboration – with artists, writers, and friends & family members – on this EP will result in the establishment of a foundation in the music industry, which will allow me to take-off when the time is right. With the release of “In The End”, I think people are starting to realize where this could go.

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